He says…


Dang! If all the Jamaican chicks are as fine as that one, I
just know I’m gonna love living here!
But, on a serious note though: I could tell she was mad
at me for running into her like that. Awww man! That’s a
no-brainer if ever there was one – she was not accepting my
apology at all. Dang! She’s got a mouth on her, fo’sho! I can’t
recall ever being cussed out like that by anybody before, not
even my Moms. Whooo! But, I gotta admit: I preferred her
giving me all o’ that attitude and lip to all those chicks who’re
always falling all over themselves when they see me for the
first time, y’know.
Yo, I’m not being big-headed or nothin’ but I’m a good-lookin’
guy, y’know…the girls back home always call me a
hottie. Plus I run track and some babes got mad weakness for
jocks. My homies always try to tell me that I should be like
a dawg and get with all them chicken-heads who be comin’
at me all the time. But, that’s not my style, y’all. My mama
raised me better than that, y’know – do unto others and all
o’ that and my Dad taught me to straight-up respect females.
So, I keep my nose clean, man – one girlfriend at a time,
that’s how I roll. Ryan Reece don’t play that player’s game.
Man! But, that girl was gorgeous! Perfect chocolate skin
and pretty dark-brown eyes. And, that shape! Dang! Sexy as
hell…and so ferocious!
Man, I don’t even care that my handle bars got dented
and I don’t even care that my elbow hurts from banging it
on the pavement. Only thing I’m concerned about right now
is how long it’s gonna be before I bless my eyes on all o’ that
Nubian beautiful-ness again.


She says…


My head and my body are telling me that I like this guy. But I don’t want to like this guy. It’s obvious to me that he’s a jerk…although he seems like a lovable jerk. Somebody needs to put his name as the definition for the word “handsome” in the dictionary. Hmm. Seriously. He is perfect; such pretty eyes…green, green…I could just drown in them. He’s so blinking mischievous and annoying though…but I think deep down a part of me likes that anyway. Maybe it’s because I like the attention. I mean, which girl in her right mind wouldn’t enjoy getting attention from a hot-bwoy like him? Lawd Jezas! He is sooo cute! My-my! To think that Danielle thinks me and him would make a great couple. Ummm. I don’t think so. Cute boys like him are always players. And, on top o’ that, is America him come from and dem wild like wha’! So that’s definitely not a road I wish to trod. Once bitten, twice shy. Another thing is that him too full o’ himself. Yeah, I know some people would say he’s just self-confident or self-assured and yada-yada but me call it cocky! Plain and simple. He acts like he’s used to getting whatever he wants, whenever he wants and I detest people like that. He won’t be getting anywhere with me – not because him look good. But to tell you the truth, mi heart skip about a million beats when he was near me. True-true! This is crazy. I’m usually cool and in control around boys like him but, he…I don’t know…he does something to me…not sure what, but whatever it is has me feeling as helpless as a newborn baby.

And, I definitely hate that.

* * *

THE BOY NEXT DOOR is now available in select Jamaican stores.



bnd @ LMH

Ask for it by name at:

Kingston Bookshops – Pavilion Mall, Springs Plaza and Sovereign Center, Liguanea

Bryan’s Bookstores – Springs Plaza, UTECH, Island Plaza in Ocho Rios & Fairview Mall in Montego Bay

York Pharmacy – Halfway Tree

The Books & Stationery Place – Portmore Mall

Lee’s Books & Things – Morant Bay & Great George Street in Port Antonio

One love!


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