10 Things Every Romance Writer Should Have! – #Romance15

Wanna be a good writer, make sure you do these things.
Not a writer? Wanna know how writers act and behave? Need a clue as to what makes us tick? Check this out!

romance festival

It might sound ridiculous but a love of the romance genre is totally essential for us romantic authors!

In all its fabulous, historical, bodice-ripping, sensual and funny glory, romantic novels have always and will always be my favourite read.

But apart from an obvious addiction to romantic books, what else should a romance writer have?

Here’s 10 suggestions from me….

  1. A fascination with people. My Husband is always commenting on how closely I watch and listen to others. It’s amazing what inspiration you can find when you pay attention.
  2. Enjoyment of romantic comedy films/TV. Again, snuggling up in front of your favourite romcom can trigger all sorts of ideas and inspiration.
  3. A love of music. I always have to have the radio on when I’m writing at home or I deliberately choose a coffee shop which plays good sounds. Listening to haunting vocals and beautiful lyrics seems to help me…

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