Excerpt #1: “Jaded: Restoration”

So, I haven’t posted any new stories in a while.  But this morning I woke up feeling generous and in the “sharing” mood so I decided to give you guys a little treat.  I dug deep into my arsenal and pulled out this story I started in that Creative Writing class last year.  It was submitted as a part of my final assignment for the course and Later on I entered it in the JCDC competition.

Now, be warned: this is another “teaser”.  It is a NOVEL-IN-PROGRESS! (don’t be getting greedy and bawling when I run out of ammunition now.)I fully intend to finish it one day…yes, nutten nuh happen before di time and characters tell their story when THEY decide that they are ready for the writer to hear it…so, I’m waiting; it will come…eventually.

The story is entitled “Jaded: Restoration”.  And I will post one excerpt over the next five days.

Soh, mi a invite ounu fi tek a “prups” and remember, let me know your thoughts and, don’t forget: SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!

One Love!



20 Years ago



 “No, Damian! Stop!”

“What yuh mean ‘stop’?” He says the words in a teasing tone as he advances and paws one of her C-cups, but she sees the danger lurking in the depths of the dirt brown pupils.

She slaps his hand.  Her heartbeat quickens…GET OUT NOW!

He is standing between her and the door; she darts around him.  He grabs her around the waist.  She squeals like a cornered piglet.  He holds her steadily, crushing her petite body against his.

“Damian! Stop! I’m not play-yyy-ing…yuh hurting mi!” She rivals the world’s greatest contortionists as she dips backward and flashes her head from side to side trying to avoid his persistent lips.

“Just chill nuh, Jade!” He imprisons her chin with one large hand and forces his mouth down onto hers.  “Bumboclaaaaat!” He recoils as the stinging sensation yells that she has bitten him.

Their eyes make four.  His handsome features have contorted; she recognizes the visage of Satan.  Her eyes widen.

BIG MISTAKE! She knows it is too late; he has seen her fear.

She detects the change in his body immediately; the tall, ripped frame to which she had been drawn like magnet to steel from the very first moment she had seen him, suddenly becomes a wall as he tenses every muscle in preparation for the battle.

“Is what yuh jus’ duh?” he sputters then spits a mouthful of blood onto the tiled floor.  “A bite yuh really bite mi? A soh yuh serious? Yuh really mean seh yuh naah gi mi di pussy?”

The thunderous timbre matches the furious face.  Her heart seeks refuge in her mouth.  Common sense advises her to appeal to the person who has told her countless times that he is falling in love with her.  “I’m sorry, sweetie…I didn’t mean it…it’s just that I’m not ready…”

He pulls her back against him hard.  “What yuh mean ‘yuh not ready’?” He growls, grabbing the hand she is using to touch his busted lip.  “A six months now yuh a tempt big man.  A full time fi yuh let off!”

“I’m not ready, Damian! How can you force me to do this?” she pleads.  “I thought yuh said yuh love mi.”

“FUCK LOVE!” he bellows, jerking her.  “Yuh tink a teenager ting man deh pon? Six months! Mi carry yuh goh a Carib; mi carry yuh goh a Dunn’s River; mi carry yuh goh a Reggae Sunsplash; mi carry yuh goh watch play although mi nuh fancy di bwoy Oliver! Mi buy yuh fish an’ festival a Hellshire…drive goh way dung a Likkle Ochi fi mek yuh sample the bes’ lobster inna Jamaica; mi carry yuh goh nyam ice cream a Devon House; if yuh seh jump, mi ask yuh ‘how high’! Mi tun chauffeur fi yuh! Mi wine yuh; mi dine yuh; mi treat yuh like a queen! Anyting yuh ask for, mi gi yuh! An’ what mi get in return? Mm? A likkle one kiss here an’ a likkle one hug there! An’ yuh nuh join church? What yuh really teck big thirty year old man fah?”

He grabs a fistful of her braids and tugs her head up; she is compelled to look into his eyes.  They tell her that he has reached his limit.  Today she will have to give it up, but there is too much on the line.

120  lbs vs 218 lbs

5 ft. 4 in. vs 6 ft. 3 in.

An uneven match…

She knows this is a bout she cannot win but she is a fighter.  She summons her inner David, calls upon the strength of ten tigers and stands ready to defend her one treasure…Her virginity was all she had; she was not going to allow any man to take it “jus’ soh”…

She had been raised in the church.  All her life her mother and the elder sisters of the Wildman Street Pentecostal Church had been drumming Bible verses that warned against indulging in sex before marriage into Jade’s head.  They had preached that fornication was a loathsome act, an abomination in the sight of Jesus Christ; the consequence of which was burning in eternal hell fire.   And, as if that was not bad enough, she had passed her Common Entrance exams for Holy Childhood High School for Girls, an institution which was run by the Roman Catholic Church.  There, Jade had encountered some of the strictest, holiest, most chaste nuns on earth; chief amongst them, Sister Mary Catherine.

This stone-faced woman of God had impressed upon her charges just how vital it was for a young lady to live virtuously.  Virtuous, to Sister Mary, meant virginal.  And virginal meant no inappropriate fraternizing with boys.  It was at Holy Childhood that the concept of abstinence was inculcated in Jade Brown.  Though most of the Sisters’ teachings had gone unheeded by the majority of the girls, Jade had taken their admonishments to heart and had decided to save herself until she met the right man.  Somewhere during her teen years she had become disillusioned with the Pentecostal faith and had stopped attending church but even now, as she stood staring down the Devil, the words of 1st Corinthians 6: 18 – 20 still resounded in her head:

“Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body. What? Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.”

She is jarred back to the present when he rips the front of her Ralph Lauren tee – his Valentine’s Day gift to her.

“Jesus Chris, Damian! What yuh doin’?” she shouts.  “Yuh crazy?”

He is still holding her trapped in his arms and she feels his unbridled power as she strains against the steely restraints of his body.

He laughs as she flails her hands.  “A wha yuh really a try?” He is grinning but she sees no merriment reflected in his eyes.  “A fight yuh really a try fight mi?”

She wriggles like a caterpillar and slips out of his grasp.  His response is reflexive.  She hears the unmistakable sound of the short cotton skirt rending.  She has no time to react.  He wheels her around.  She hears the resounding splat of his palm against her cheek a second before the pain registers.  She screams and falls to the ground in a heap.  He crouches over her, seizing a handful of her man-made locks once more.  “Ah don’t want to hurt yuh, enuh, baby!”

She closes her eyes, grits her teeth, wills herself to restrain the deluge that is threatening to burst forth.  “Soh why yuh doing this then?”

His short brunt fingernails dig into her forearm.  He jerks her. He lowers his head and the fury reflected in his pupils burns into hers.  “Because I am your man and you are my woman.  An’ a woman is supposed to let off di pussy pon har man before im even ask!” He says the words slowly, enunciating each syllable like he is addressing an imbecile.

Her hazel-brown eyes flash as she holds her jaw and glares at him.  “Afta mi a nuh yuh whore!”

He throws back his head; his laughter is mirthless.  “Funny yuh should say that.  The amount o’ money wha mi spend pon yuh! The amount o’ money wha mi gi yuh! Yuh nuh feel seh yuh owe mi?”

“I don’t owe you shit, Damian Morris! Goh frig yuhself!” She releases a shriek of banshee proportions as his palm gets intimate with her left ear this time.

Bitch! Why mi shoulda fuck miself when yuh pretty, pink pussy deh yah?” He collars her neck and drags her up like a fisherman reeling a fish fighting for life to shore.  “A poppy-show yuh teck big man fah? Eh? Nuh gyal cyaan use me! A gwine teach yuh da lesson deh today-today!”

She fires a kick in the direction of his groin but years of practicing karate has trained him to pre-empt and block an opponent’s moves.  “Mi love yuh enuh, baby girl, but love won’t stop mi from mashin’ up that beautiful face! Don’t tes mi!”

He releases her momentarily and begins to unbuckle his belt; she seizes the opportunity.  He feels the puny box and shakes his head decisively.  “Enough is enough! Play time is over! Pussy mi want an’ a pussy mi agoh get!”

One blow is all it takes.


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